Stars can bear only in chaos. Don’t use discipline. Discipline is just a type of jail that teaches you the system. Every person is a bridge between two existences. The bridge between animal and god. The bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness exists. Every step you make you should do by your own choice only. And this is something that the system and those who rule don’t like because it is very complicated to rule while everyone does what he wants.

I don’t talk about anarchy, although it might sound like that. There must be principles, of course. The fundamental principles of being a good person and useful for others, but not rules and systems, impact mind openness and creativity. Such a system causes slavery.

The slavery approach of people management

Sex is the most powerful instinct of every human. One of two primary animal instincts – is survival and reproduction. Politics and priests got far ago that managing sex is a powerful tool to manage the masses. So they decided that sex must be restricted from people, or at least minimized to a minimal level (similar to Orwell’s 1984). If you allow people full freedom of sex without limitation, it will not be possible to manage them and make slaves from them.

As an example from nature – When you want to make a bull become the slave, you have to make him an ox, which means you have to castrate him. Have you ever seen the difference between ox and bull? Ox looks like a slave, sad, humiliated, doing everything you need, and on the other hand, the bull looks like proud imperator. When the bull sees the cow, he does not care about your commands and does what he wants.

The same was made with a person by system and religion systems during hundreds of years of system evolution. Humans processed via the government education and religion system never more exist as bulls, and every person works as a slave in the community. Why? The answer is simple – managing people. Manage their energy in other directions.

Sexual tabu application

Sexual submission, sexual tabu, is the direct manipulation of slaving people. Until the moment, you cannot use your sexual energy naturally, let’s say, let it naturally grow, then you don’t have any freedom because you humiliated/eliminated your primary instinct.

The system eliminates this instinct via every commercial trend we observe daily. This mass and repeating information makes you lower your perspective of the value yourself. How? Simple. For example, you don’t have enough money, wear trendy clothes, or follow all other commercial trends. You don’t own a good car, you don’t own a flat, or you don’t own any other trending goods evaluated daily by marketing and media 🙂 And, all these “don’t have” and “don’t own” manipulations attack exactly the part of yourself that’s responsible for decreasing the meaning of your sexuality. Cause your inadequacy of meaning about yourselves.

Do you know why you are doing that? Why are you following trends? Why do you need to be better than others? Unconsciously you are buying these things not to satisfy your ego but to shine and be more prestigious for the opposite gender. Nice, isn’t it?

There exist five methods to manage people in communities, from history-making people to slaves.

1. Making a person as weak as possible

If politicians or priests want to manage you, they must handle you as weakly as possible. Making people weak is possible by not giving them freedom of love. Love restriction is a kind of torture.

The psychologists found an interesting observation on experiments on babies. When you don’t give the baby love, the baby closes itself inside and becomes weak. You can feed it with milk, give it medicine, and give it everything it needs except love; it will not be enough. Without embracement, kisses, and without feeling the warmth of the human body (human energy), a baby becomes weaker and weaker. This baby will have a higher possibility to become ill and die than surviving. What’s going on here? Why? By embracing, kissing, and giving warmth, somehow this baby feels that he is getting fed by energy, that it is accepted, loved, and needed. This baby starts to feel worthy and feels a sense of life.

Don’t try to find any logical explanation. There is not. There is a lot of illogical behavior of the universe that’s out of our current possible understanding of reality. Experiments and observations of loveless behavior were performed on flowers, water, snowflakes, animals, and finally, humans. Results are always the same. Where there is no love, there is no blooming beauty of life.

Our system serves the opposite. We don’t feed people mentally enough during the first years of life. Then, when it grows, we restrict it from falling in love until it grows to 14-15 years. In about 14 years of life, kids reach sexual maturity, but their education (schooling and college) will consume much more time – 10 years or more until they are 24-25 years old. All this time, we are trying not to fall in love. Everything is more important – study, existence, system, future, etc. Everything except love.

Meantime, sexual energy peaks in about the 18th year of age. After this breakpoint, a man will never be so strong, and a woman will not be more ready for a stronger orgasm than in the culminating 18th year. So the system holds girls and boys separated by using a mechanism like police, courts, teachers, priests, and last but not least by their parents. All these try to hold them separate from the other gender. Boys from girls and girls from boys. Why? They are trying to kill the bull nature in us and create “Ox.”

In your 18th year, you are reaching the peak of your sexual energy. Ordinary people get married at the age of 24-25 in western countries even later. First, they must get an education, find work, buy a flat, and many other thighs formed by the system and society. You have already crossed the peak of your love power possibility when you get married.

You still can fall in love, but your feelings will never be so “hot” and strong. The love will never reach the point where people get, let’s say, “evaporate .” The love remains just “smoldering .” If you never loved “totally,” you cannot even properly love your kids because you don’t know how to love. If you cannot know the peak of love, you cannot even teach it to your kids.

Systems and religions have manipulated people for centuries. People are restricted from knowing real love when they can to feel it, which makes them weak.

2. Hold people in a situation as possible ignorant and gullible

If you want to make it easy to confuse, lie to him. When you want to develop a social idiotism that’s a very important factor for politicians or religions, the easiest way is to restrict people’s freedom to search and maintain their love. Again, the topic falls into love because it is the key to maintaining people. Without love, the human mind falls to the minimal level and possibilities. That’s why it is easier to lie to him and deceive him.

Have you seen that? When you are in love, everything is going easy, you have an intense volume of energy, and your possibilities are at a peak – your energy culminates. A few months ago, you were tired, numb, and without any plans to do something, then you met some girl/boy, and your life started rising, and you started to feel immense happiness. You become hot and full of energy to do everything you want. On the other hand, when the “falling in love” feeling leaves you, people minimize their activity, and their energy becomes stagnant. The most intelligent people are usually the most sexual. We must understand it because the energy of love is the core – the knowledge of the universe.

You become cold, closing into yourself when you are impossible to love. Your natural energy cannot flow. When the person is falling in love, he flows and trusts himself to the level that he can reach the stars. This is exactly why a woman is the biggest inspiration and motivation for a man and the same vise-versa. When a woman is in love, she becomes nicer for herself and the rest of the world. Like the sun – a woman is shining in the bloom. People see that and also feel her bigger aura. She begins to walk easier, and often it looks like she is dancing while she’s walking. In her eyes, you can see a big beauty of her inner shining. The same you can find in any man falling in love. When people are in love, they act and serve optimally.

Restricting love will cause people to remain in minimal energy flowing and become apathetic, with minimal free and inner energy usage. While they are in a minimal level of energy consumption/production, they become more stupid, and more apathetic to receive knowledge. They “hold/stack” at some irrational state of frozen existence. When people remain in this stage, it is easy to deceive them. When people are restricted in sexuality and love, they dream about a different life. The problem is that they only dream and do not act. They think about heaven, about paradise, but they don’t think about how to make a paradise here, in “real” life – now. So you start to think that nothing is interesting here, only such an empty place surrounding you. Empty and boring. You become to think that the most probably should be some target for us or some sense of our life. For you, or for humanity itself. Some direction or logical path that we should go through. Many people go to church, and many people start to meditate.

While having sex and love is restricted to the level you become interested in other than your current life. And when people become interested in other life than here, naturally they lose interest in this life. But this life – is only “the one” that exists – it is HERE and NOW. All other lives are hidden inside the current life. It is not somewhere far from now. It is here, and you must go in. It is exactly what you are looking for. Go in, and you’ll also find a second life. The god is hidden inside this life, inside this world, in your inner world, inside your head, your brain, and your spirit. The god is hidden here and now. He creates everything around us and the parts of God’s matter you can find in everything surrounding you. So if you love, you can feel life; if you are not, you are lost in space. Isn’t it?

And here is the place for priests, politicians, and similar “supporters” of your “better” life. They come and give you their best recommendations and ways to solve your problem, becoming “deceived” and listening to their game of fear and guilt, playing their rules while they loudly celebrate your conversion to “their” best option. Then, although the truth is different, they manipulate you to celebrate one more “lost” person joining their game of slavery.

3 Keep people as much as possible in fear

As already mentioned, there are two main instincts, and appealing to their security makes it possible to manipulate people.

a) Restrict the love in them because love can break the fear

When you are in love, you don’t fear anything. You can fight with all the world. When you are in love, you feel that you can do everything you can imagine. But when you are not in love, love feels fear even of small things. You get more interested in your security. You get more interested in adventure and research. In history, people were restricted to love because it was a simple tool to scare them. And when people are scared, they remain apathetic, submissive, and listen to priests and politicians.

It’s a huge conspiracy against people and a huge conspiracy against you. Our politicians and priests are enemies playing their role as national “helpers, or often even our slaves.” They say, “we are here to make your life better, to help you to reach a better life. We are here to create a comfortable and better life for you.” But, in reality, they are destructors of life. They play for power and money, and people are in the last position in their hierarchy of importance.

One of the Czech artists said very nice words about politicians, and I think it applies to priests as well. “Politics are not people to whom people should trust – they are people that we should control.” However, the reality is the opposite. By fitting media propaganda, they create the illusion of “trustability,” and confused people don’t have any other option than blindly trust them 🙂 It is a smart way of propaganda, but its algorithms are pretty simple.

b) Keep them in fear of their life because scared people listen.

When you feel the fear of your life and the life of your relatives, and you don’t have the resources to help them by yourself, you are the ideal listener (follower) of others – you are easy-deceivable.

4 Make people as much unhappy as possible

Restriction of the freedom of love and the fear of life and relatives makes people unhappy. Unhappy people become and remain confused. Unhappy people don’t trust themselves, tie themselves, and insult themselves. The unhappy people even think that he probably did something wrong, something bad. Unhappy people don’t feel trust in themselves. You can push him, move him, do anything you want with an unhappy person because he doesn’t have any personal targets and wishes. We can say that he does not have any motivation. An unhappy person is always ready to allow directing him. Accepting all directions and accepting all disciplinary directions from those who trust in themselves, because he knows that he, as a personality, is “unhappy” and believes that maybe someone else can make discipline in his life and make him happy. He is ready to be a victim.

5 Make people as much as possible separated from each other

Make them impossible to join together to fight for their ideas that are not in line with the ideology of politicians or priests. Try to separate people from each other. Restrict them to be close. Create as much as possible a dual meaning of everything, even propagate more options to separate people, and create at least two groups that motivate non-agreement.

When people are separated from each other, they can’t be together. We have thousands of options and methods for separating meaning and manipulating people to fight each other. Verbally, or even physically.

For example, when you hold someone by hand, you are a man, and holding another man’s hand, walking together and singing, you feel guilty because people start to watch on you – hey, you are gay? Homosexual? Religions made the setup that two men cannot be happy together. Why? Because. Hundreds of years of manipulation set this as standard. These days, it is restricted by society. They are convicted as homosexuals and evoke in their inner world kind of fear. So when your friend comes to you and takes your hand, you immediately watch around you if someone is watching you and trying to take your hand back. * Even in India, this is pretty normal behavior. Me being impacted by the European education system was very strange (uncommon) to see that. Now, it is normal for me. I used to watch it and accept it naturally as normal.

These days, we are shaking hands very quickly. Have you seen that? You shake the hand, and it is a case of 1 second you are taking your hand back. It is inside your instincts of society to not hold the hand too long. Politicians and politics manipulated society for years, and now it has become natural.

Do you remember that your father hugs you? Do you remember how your mother hugs you after becoming sexually mature? Why not? Because the fear is inside you. People can think that between them can be a sexual relationship. Strange, isn’t it? Father and son? Not. Father and daughter? Not. Brother and sister? Not. Brother and brother? Not.

People are held in isolated cases rounded by huge walls. Everyone is classified, and between people is created by thousands of barriers. After 25 years of this “massage,” you will be allowed to be in love and have sex with your wife 🙂 But, during those 25 years of such massage, it is a deep insight into yourself, and you don’t know what to do. You become manipulated by the system most deeply. You forget how to love. You forgot that language. It is the same as not giving people for 25 years. Imagine it. Even if he knew it before, he will forget it.

Exactly this is going on. 25 years of anti-love, fear, and guilt, and now you are getting the license 🙂 you are allowed to do that 🙂 now you can love this woman. She is your wife, and you are her husband 🙂 but 25 years of training is still inside yourself. Yes, you will love and do your best, but it will not be a big bang; it will not be natural. It will be very thin and fragile.

How the system made it

In the beginning politicians, or priests settle the environment and rules to restrict your love. Then they come and tell you that nothing is more important than love. And, finally, yes, their talk looks like the truth, like they are completely in line with your experience. First, they create an environment to confuse you, and after they tell you the moral truth, you want to listen to them. It looks logical. It is a huge trick that allows managing people for centuries.

These five targets we can group into one topic called tabu. This tabu has been developed by a very scientific approach and took hundreds of years to implement into our civilization. Tabu stands are not open – must be hidden. If it is openly said, it will not work. You should not see that. Tabu should be hidden so perfectly that you cannot even imagine it is possible to do that. Tabu should go deep into the unconscious mind. So how do they do it so perfectly? Here is the trick:

  • The first teaches that love is the greatest important value. Nobody should think that priests or politics are against love.
  • At the same time, try to avoid situations where love can arise. Restrict, create laws, create opposite communities, create messages via media. Avoid all possibilities.
  • Continue to teach while doing right in opposite directions.

These tricks created many other problems. Every time you fall in love, you feel guilty. When you feel guilty, you cannot move forward in love, breaking you from moving. You have deep inside your mind fixed that being in love and having sex is a sin. You unconsciously “know ” that you are doing something bad 🙂 You are a sinner, and by this, you will never be total (complete) 🙂 It makes your thinking very limited. You can love only your wife and your husband. You can love only this and that. There are so many sociologic, religious and political conditions that directly and indirectly impact your decision of what you can and what you cannot. It sounds like there is a law that allows you to breathe only when you are with your wife or husband 🙂 without these conditions, you can’t breathe 🙂 Then you die.

Forget what you learned from the system, do what you feel

So, forget all you have learned from the system. Forget to be guilty, forget the meaning of others, forget the meaning of society. Instead, do what you feel and what you want. If you can love five people, you should love five people; if you can love 50 people, you should love 50 people, and if you can love 500 people, you should love 500 people. Do everything you want without judging yourself and feeling guilty about your behavior. Leave it, throw it, forget it – and you become free, you become the lord of yourself, and you become powerful to do anything you want. Just don’t forget to be a good person for yourself, as well as for all others. It applies to everyone in the world. Everyone has the option, and everyone can decide by himself. You don’t need any permission. It is a natural right of every one of us.


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