When the person thinks about himself in mind, he stays in the person’s state living in the attitude of a lie. It is not easy to understand, and it is not easy to completely decline your ego, but there is a way to make the first step to get better and live stress-less.

Try this experiment.

When you are going to sleep, a priori with a cover when you feel warm and comfortable, try not to fall asleep, relax your body and calm down your mind.

I hope I can describe it easily, but if you cannot understand, write to us, and we will try to explain this process in other words.

Start from legs

Imagine that your legs are turning into the water and spilling. Relax your muscles and continue to feel the spilling of your legs like water. Just completely relax them.

Continue with hands

Now, try to relax your hands. First, feel them by stretching your muscles, and after also get them relaxed, spilled them like water by completely leaving them lying on your body, or your bed. Relax the muscles of your hands.

After some time, you will observe that you don’t feel your legs and hands. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to do that for the first time, but if you fail, try again after a few minutes or the next day.

Continue with head

Now, try to relax your head. Beginning with your forehead, force your muscles and release them. Continue with your eyes and ears. The same with the mouth. Pull your lips together, then release them. Try to relax the muscles in your face and head completely.

Include your belly

Together with relaxing your head, try to relax your belly. Try to fall energy into your belly from your relaxed head. You will feel that. Your muscles become relaxed, and your eyes will become unfocused. Your eyes should not focus on any tangible thing. Usually, we are calling that “You’re looking in the mirror.” Once you completely release the pressure on the muscles of your head, you will stop feeling it.

Breath deeper

When releasing the pressure of muscles of your body, you start to feel your breathing become deeper, more relaxed, and more silent. So deeper your breath will be, the more you feel how your breathing is going through the whole upper part of the body.

Detaching the usual noise

While your energy leaves your physical head and mind, you become surrounded by silence, detached from the usual noise of the mind. Unfocused watching helps you to stop thinking.

In a fully relaxed state, you should not get any thoughts in your mind. When some thought comes to your mind, could you take a deep breath and forget about it? Try not to think about anything. Neither your family, work, friends, yourself, nothing. Empty your head, and keep your body relaxed. It will take a few weeks to learn this practice – completely releasing your thoughts.

When you state in relaxation mode and are surrounded by the deepness of the kingdom of silence, you will open older and older layers of aggregated pain, fears, stress, and unrealized wishes.

Stay and practice

Stay in a state of relaxation, trying to all the time throwing away thoughts coming into your mind. While opening the deeper layers, sometimes you can become crying, without any special reason, and sometimes you will get angry, again with no reason for it. This is how your older and older hurts come out of your mind. Even those you already forgot, but are left hidden in your mind.

An aggregated stressful situation like something happened that made you angry, but you did not go through it out and left it silent in your mind and body. A typical person has no more options than living with it, passing through with gritted teeth. Btw, did you ever notice your mouth muscles? Do you feel like they are always under pressure? This is what I am talking about. Release it. Relax it. Throw it out.

This practice of conscious relaxation works for you in two areas:

  • Allows you to release aggregated stress without the impact of people surrounding you.
  • Don’t let you create new layers of this pain.

Practice gives you comfort in your heart, silence in your mind, and ease in your body. It just works.

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