Mind over body

Until recently, when people said they would take care of their health, they automatically meant physical health. This is no longer the case. Mental health is becoming increasingly important. In some areas, such as discussability and relatability, it is slowly taking over.


We all want to “grow old,” but no one wants to be old. “Then I’ll get old.” This is beginning to show up at almost every stage of life and in every aspect of life. This trend is increasingly evident in science as well. Geroscience is becoming increasingly important and even promises to have a broader impact on our overall health care system.

( Trend : Aging without aging )

Circadian health

In recent decades, sleep has received increasing attention as one of the so-called four holistic pillars. The buzz around sleep has kept us awake. The emphasis on good sleep has led to several related trends, such as soft drinks, the sudden destruction of the mattress sector and the introduction of numerous sensors in the bedroom. Sleep will now become circadian health. And you won’t have to lose sleep over it.

Health Concierge

The influx of data, ideas, and recommendations is starting to confuse people. (Current) primary care providers won’t be able to handle it. Something or someone will have to take over that role in this overwhelming, overarching reality.
( Trend : Care Managers )

Planetary Health

More than ever, we realize that we are part of something bigger than humans: the planet on which we are allowed to live. We are a small and insignificant part of that larger whole. Meanwhile, we are destroying each other with our carbon footprint. This leads to a renewed and different focus on the (health) of the planet both inside and outside the health sector.
( Trend : no healthy people on a sick planet )


Medical Tourism

Wellness was already taking up 17% of all spending in the tourism industry. This has only happened in recent years Covid and has prompted various wellness centers to focus on medical services as well. As human beings, we are also more interested than ever in the state and systems of health care in other countries. Don’t be surprised if more and more countries specialize in attracting patients to specific treatment areas in the years to come.
( Trend : The Transformative Journey )

Health Communities

Previous newsletters have already shown how “unity” will dominate the future of our health. Along with the increased focus on “local” and the need for psychological support, we are seeing this increasingly translated into initiatives that create, support and strengthen health communities.

Harmonious Health

If you thought ten years ago that health was an interdisciplinary thing, you haven’t seen anything yet. Healthusiasm is forcing new stakeholders to demand health more often, more specifically, and as a field of knowledge. In the coming years, we should see increased efforts to channel these fields of knowledge into a single harmonious care.
( Trend : CareTuning )

Medical fitness

Being fit does not mean being healthy. Not yet. Increasingly, we are seeing the world of fitness evolve into a medical field, both in understanding, services, and scientific basis. A sector that has specialized for years in getting people involved in their health, it is increasingly penetrating into health care. Get ready.


Metabolic Management

Medical blockbusters in cardiology and diabetes lost their patents years ago. Recent innovations seemed to bring only incremental improvements. But the optimal management of our metabolism with the (latest) technology seems to be making many hearts beat more frequently in this sector.
( Trend : metabolic mastery )

Sexual well-being 

Many taboos are no longer taboos. In many ways, we seem to be experiencing a revival of the freedom-loving ’80s. But this time it starts with a sense of well-being, self-care and well-being. This is more openly discussed, and various new sectors are also emerging. A lot of brands and companies are entering the market with many human, accessible and sexy solutions.

Music Healing 

This is not a one-time miracle. Music has already had healing effects for thousands of years. But in recent years, music for therapy has spawned interesting projects that we will hear more about. Music will make breakthroughs in the quality of treatment, in hospitals and by prescription.
( Trend : Intentional Music )


Environmental Health

To learn more about our health has always required action. It has been conscious and focused. Even wearing wearable devices today requires deliberate daily action. In the coming years, there will be fewer of these cases. Health is becoming an integral part of our lives and environment. Unconscious and completely passive. Measurement and guidance are disappearing to be even more real.


The last few decades have been all about self-development, and we all wanted to be better. Self-realization has been an absolute aspiration for many. It still is. It still will be. But you will grow more without wanting to grow. Accepting and simply enjoying something becomes new growth. We will accept less because it offers more.
( Trend : The pursuit of moderation )

Spiritual well-being 

There was a time when contemplation and other forms of prayer made us stop for a moment. We now know that looking straight ahead was less futile than it seemed. The loss of religion, the refusal to look out the window during the bus ride, and the refusal to do anything in the bathroom directly affects how we feel. Today we are all looking for a new form of spirituality.


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