Knowing your positives and negatives give you an opportunity of knowing and manage your personality part. It is always interesting when you know it. When you see yourself in the green and red zones of quality.


  • To begin with, you have to take an inventory of yourself and identify your negative slides.
  • Ask yourself the question: what do you dislike about yourself?
  • What do you want to hide, what do you want to get rid of?
  • You have your negative slides unconsciously in your mind.
  • Try to wake up and take a conscious look at the negative parts of the personality.


  • This can be a representation of how gracefully and confidently you move, how elegantly you are dressed, what aristocratic manners you have, how you shine with wit, exude charm, make people like you, and handle problems with ease.
  • Now put this slide in your head and go ahead.
  • A positive slide, just like a negative one, has a direct effect on your actions and behavior.

Smile at them. Be happy about them. Learn to take energy from them.


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