Any community should have 50/50 coverage of males and females to manage the proper diversity of the decision-making groups.

Personalities should cover the following type groups:

  1. courageous, cheerful, strong, fortunate
  2. gentle, calm, loyal, somewhat innocent
  3. hunters of entertainment, witty jokers, who like risks
  4. serious, indefinite, cautious
  5. eccentric, enthusiastic, sincere
  6. patient, level-headed, tolerant
  7. attentive, calculating, decisive
  8. advanced, quick-witted

These distinctions make an even-handedness of any community. In such an option and divergence of personalities, you should get an optimal decision for all types of questions independent of the situation and complexity of the question. The rational answer is the key to properly doing decisions. We can also include the decentralized engine for handling their answer to get an optimal, fraud-less system of decision making, voting, or simpler answering systems.


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