1. Everything and every problem have a simple solution.
  2. You just have to believe in it and see it from the proper side.
  3. By the subconscious way, or even by unconsciously at all 🙂 By using your instinct.
  4. Everything is easy, you just have to go for it with deep vigor.
  5. So more complicated are your thoughts about the problem, you make it more difficult to solve.


Voltaire and George Orwell about the importance of free speech
Voltaire and George Orwell, focusing on their shared beliefs in the importance of freedom of speech, their critiques of authority, and their commitment to challenging societal norms.


Utopia: The Ideal Society Unveiled
Discover the origins of utopia, its impact throughout history, and humanity's eternal pursuit of an ideal world.
Uncover the concept of patocracy, where a select elite wield significant power, and its effects on society and politics.
Global democracy
Global democracy will be based on one world state operating on liberal and democratic principles.


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