The mind

  • The mind seeks to control not its own movement with the current, but the current itself.
  • You are too small a part of the universe vibration to be able to change or control the current.
  • While you are trying to force the current, you are trying to act against natural vibration.
  • While you as a small vibration trying to impact the bigger wave – you can be sure that you’ll fail.
  • You will get right the opposite result that you expected.

The soul

  • The better option than listening to your mind is to feel your instincts and inner comfort.
  • The mind is capable of unambiguously determining the state of mental comfort.
  • To do this, you must accustom yourself to paying attention to mental comfort.
  • The soul perceives unrealized information as knowledge without interpretation.
  • It is useless to convince the soul of anything. The soul feels automatic, without your interaction.
  • The soul does not need a reason, it simply knows.
  • Finding the unity of soul and mind is achieved gradually.
  • If the mind succeeds in interpreting the information of the soul, a discovery is born.
  • Spontaneous phrases can be taken as a guide to action.
  • If you have to talk yourself into it, it means that your soul is saying “no.

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